At Innovational Water Solutions, Inc., our mission is to address people, planet, and profit. By providing our customers with the best in green technology, safety, and savings plans, we are able to attend to the Triple Bottom Line.

Our patented disbursement and solid product technology provides innovative solutions for your three biggest concerns. IWS is able to use these tools and improve your water management in ways that are unparalleled in the water management industry.

Read below for a closer look at how Innovational Water Solutions can help improve your Triple Bottom Line.


Green Technology

Products and services from Innovational Water Solutions, Inc. help to make facilities more sustainable, thanks to our green technology. Benefits of this technology include:

  • Eco-friendly ingredients
  • Reduction or elimination of certain hazardous chemicals
  • Reduction of carbon footprint in manufacturing, shipping, and disposal
  • Recyclability of bottle and shipping containers
  • Reduction in amount of plastic used in containers
  • Addressing LEED points
  • Reduction in water and energy usage


Products and services from Innovational Water Solutions, Inc. help to address a variety of safety concerns within facilities. Benefits to both individuals and organizations include:

  • No direct contact with treatment
  • No mixing of treatments required
  • No odors or fumes
  • No heavy drums to handle
  • No disposal or spillage issues
  • Risk assessment services
  • Facility mapping management
  • System accessibility 24/7
  • Reduction in liability issues


Products and services from Innovational Water Solutions, Inc. can help to reduce costs in facilities because of their unique and inventive qualities. Cost reduction results from many factors, including:

  • Reduction in freight charge
  • No cost for drum disposal
  • Less water usage by maximizing recycling system water
  • Reduction in liability issues, as potential for injury is greatly reduced
  • Reduction in water and energy usage
  • Improvement in system performance
  • Prolonged equipment life