IWS developed a water management plan four our facility that was very easy for us to follow. We achieved our goals very quickly with their management team.

Chris P.

Innovational Water Solutions was very detailed in the Risk Assessment they performed at our facility. I would recommend them to any healthcare facility that is out of compliance.

Dean L.

Since I have switched to Innovation Water Solutions, our labor cost has been reduced to half for our water management program.

Mark P.

IWS made the switch from liquid chemicals to solid treatments smooth and efficient. My boiler room is cleaner and safer since the switch. I also don’t have to risk injuring myself by lifting heavy drums anymore.

Randy M.

I wasn’t sure what solid cooling tower treatments were right for my system. IWS responded promptly, analyzed my facility, and delivered with great customer service. I haven’t had any problems since switching to their service.

Terry A.