We sell and service a wide range of of meters for flow and treatment. Our technicians will size the right meter to fit your application and facility. The IWS plastic multi-jet water meters provide efficient, accurate operation for potable and non-potable water applications.

A totalizing register dial records flow over a wide range with low head loss. Contacting Water Meters are for use in such places as physical plant maintenance, process control, batching, accountability metering, etc. to meter the volume of cold water flowing through it for batch or continuous processes.

The Contacting Water Meters are specifically designed to control the metering of chemicals in direct proportion to the influent flow rate.

The body of the water meter is constructed from plastic and factory tested to meet the AWWA C-708 Multi-Jet Meter accuracy specifications. The Multi-Jet Meter has a contact rating of 24VDC or VAC at 20 mA. The meters are NSF/ANSI 61 Certified.


  • Sensor fastens to lens without removing top.
  • Calibration plug seal wire for tamper evidence.
  • Union end couplings for each service.
  • Factory set pulse rates.
  • Changing pulse rate requires no special tools.

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