Ultrafiltration removes all bacteria, parasites, virus, rust and nano-particles without residuals and does not remove natural minerals in the water.

In some regions heavy rains or heavy snow melt will pass too quickly from the surface into the groundwater resulting in inadequate natural filtration of the soil layers and fails to remove the pathogens, parasites, and bacteria picked up from the surface. These then find their way into our water treatment plants and possibly into our drinking water. Parasites are not necessarily disabled by disinfection methods such as chlorination or UV irradiation. Temporary turbidity also allows other pathogens to pass through the disinfection systems intact. Parasites and pathogens can thus contaminate public water supplies.

Ultrafiltration completely removes: turbidity, rust stains, and pathogens; creating a safe supply of drinking water, even when conditions at the source vary. Ultrafiltration depends on using certified filtration technology.


Advantages of Ultrafiltration

  • Chemical-Free: We dispense entirely with the use of chemicals and irradiation and only use natural technology. This preserves the water’s natural balance and does not change it.
  • Little Energy and Water Consumption: IWS water filters consume little power and the flushing operation consumes only a minimal amount of water compared to conventional reverse osmosis technologies. Much of our equipment also flushes automatically and only when really necessary.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: No need to worry about remembering to flush IWS filtration systems. The flushing usually takes place at night and automatically.
  • Clean Drinking Water to Every Tap: IWS water filter systems are installed directly at the transfer point from the public water lines into your facility. They prevent millions of germs from ever penetrating your pipelines and you get the best drinking water at every tap.
  • Patented Nanotechnology: The filtering processes have been subjected to extensive testing by the DVGW & the EPA!
  • Flexible, Easy-to-Use Technology: The installation of water filter systems is simple and easy to operate.

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