XZIOX® for Horticulture

IWS understands that good water quality has an important and positive impact on the growing process for all agricultural products. Our XZIOX® system is simple but effective and can be used in a variety of water sources, as well as irrigation systems.

Water Systems:

  •  Reservoirs
  •  Rivers
  •  Wells
  •  Holding Tanks
  •  Rain Water Harvest

Irrigation Systems:

  • Overhead Irrigation
  • Boom Reel
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Rain Gun
  • Hydrophonics

XZIOX® is also proven to reduce and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and fungi, such as E-coli, phytophthora, listeria, phythium, and more. Some potential benefits farmers have seen using XZIOX® on their crops include:

  • Reduction in root borne diseases
  • Reduction/elimination in phytophthora and phythium from the river end of lines
  • Biofilm free irrigation lines
  • Reduction in blocked drippers and overhead sprinklers, allowing free flowing clean water
  • Improved filtration and water pressure

Contact us today for a site survey, and see how XZIOX® and ICI can help your facility’s productivity.