XZIOX® for Horticulture

IWS is the manufacturer of a highly effective, patented water treatment solution called XZIOX®

The XIMAX system is designed and built by IWS to deliver precise treatment dosing of XZIOX® as required for your operations, to increase crop health, faster speed to market,
and ROI. Installed at thousands of sites, The XIMAX system is successfully eliminating the biofilm and bacteria in water systems and drinking lines. IWS will conduct a free site survey to determine what size system and dosing is required for your water and livestock. (Contact Us for a FREE site survey & water test!) The XIMAX system can be used in all water sources and systems. We also perform a full flush of the drinking lines,  and certified engineers do regular monitoring as well as fast service when needed.


XZIOX® is a tried and tested, high quality solution for water issues within the agriculture industry. IWS provides bacterial control for all water sources such as reservoir, river, well and mains. Our patented product XZIOX® is highly concentrated with no by-products. This makes XZIOX®  highly effective against commonly found bacteria such as E.Coli, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus. XZIOX® is also a viricide, algicide, fungicide and bactericide and can effectively eliminate all stages of biofilm as it is able to penetrate the deep cell walls where biofilm is present. Contact Us for a FREE site survey & water test!

IWS understands that good water quality has an important and positive impact on the growing process for all agricultural products. Our XZIOX® system is simple but effective and can be used in a variety of water sources, as well as irrigation systems:

  • Water Systems: Reservoirs, Rivers, Wells, Holding Tanks, Rain Water Harvest
  • Overhead Irrigation: Boom Reel, Drip Irrigation, Rain Gun, Hydroponics


• Elimination of Biofilm
• Significant Labor Reductions from Reduced Flushing
• Operates Automatically on system pressure and flow
• Can be connected to SMS alarm system


• Reduce and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and fungi, such as E-coli, phytophthora, listeria, phythium
• Reduction in root borne diseases
• Reduction/elimination in phytophthora and phythium from the river end of lines
• Biofilm free irrigation lines
• Reduction in blocked drippers and overhead sprinklers, allowing free flowing clean water
• Improved filtration and water pressure

Comparison Chart

XZIOX® excels above other products. It leaves no residue on produce, is specific to targeting bacteria, operates in turbid water, is not a general oxidant, it is not hazardous in use, not corrosive, it produces no harmful by-products, 100% utilization for bacterial kill, and will not produce chlorine. Contact Us for a FREE site survey & water test!



No. XZIOX® is pH neutral and non-corrosive to pipework, fittings, tanks and drinker lines.


XZIOX® kills bacteria by attacking their critical cell physiological functions; this includes the interruption of protein synthesis. It also modifies the permeability of the cell membrane. XZIOX® penetrates the protective layer of the cell then deactivates the pathogen from the inside out.


IWS understands the individual needs of each site, this is extremely important as each site will have different requirements. To be able to provide you with a precise costing, trained IWS Engineers will conduct a site survey. If you would like to arrange a site survey please contact IWS.

Biofilm exists in every untreated system (as well as those that are treated with non-eradicating chemistries). XZIOX® oxidizes both hardened and loose biofilm and then eliminates the bacteria colonies, therefore preventing the biofilm from re-forming. Biofilm in particular has been linked to poor livestock health and has been identified in recent studies to be the most important water quality issue to challenge livestock farming. XZIOX® treats all stages of biofilm, unlike some other treatments.

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